Facebook users can now transform images from 2D to 3D using basic camera phones

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Facebook is not the most popular social network in several countries including Nigeria for no reason. It offers unique and innovative channels for users to communicate, engage and have fun. Among its latest innovations is an interactive 3D image transformation feature.

The 3D images produced by Facebook are so real they can hold you spellbound, making you wonder if you are staring at a real image. The perspective of the image in question changes as you move your phone. The same effect is felt when you scroll past the image or tap it. Before ow, doing all these required a sophisticated phone with multiple cameras. But now, with Facebook 3D, all you need is a basic Smartphone.

According to findings at our disposal, previously, users could only post 3D photos if they were using a camera with dual- lens, and were able to draw up a depth map to be used by Facebook.  But thanks to Facebook developers, users no longer need to go through such a tedious process. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) system is powered to infer the 3D characteristics into a 2D image. Due to the high sophistication of the tool, the transformation can be achieved using a basic phone camera.

The system has been tested for efficiency. The testing was conducted using several 3D images, checking its ability to measure depth with apt accuracy. More interestingly, the photos that can be changed from 2D to 3D do not necessarily have to be recent photos. You can transform photos takes several years ago. This is to ensure that users can go back into the past to bring beautiful memories into the present.

Smartphones that can be used to achieve the 3D transformation include Android phones and iPhones.

Facebook continues to develop exciting innovation to keep its users fully engaged on its network.

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