LinkedIn might let members share moments of their work-life via Stories

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Will you like to share stories on LinkedIn just as you do on Snapchat and Instagram? If your answer is yes, you might just have your wish come true as the social network is reportedly testing the stories feature. The goal is to give workers the opportunity to share happenings in their work lives. Just as people get to share things about their social life, working-class people will also get the chance to share and inspire each other with their work-life via LinkedIn stories.

Pete Davies – senior director of product management at LinkedIn revealed that the feature is currently being tested, and the company has learned so much about the best practices. He stated that it will enable working people to share special moments in their day-to-day work lives. The company plans to give members of the social network the opportunity to test the feature themselves in a few months’ time.

Critics are of the opinion that adding stories to LinkedIn is just too much. This notion is on the premise that the platform is a professional network for serious business. It serves as a Curriculum Vitae (CV) for people to show off their work skills, connect with industry professionals, and get new jobs. Adding a story-sharing feature might water it down and make it lose its unique effect.

With so many apps on the market nowadays, there is a competition to dominate the market. It takes some unique features for apps to remain relevant. Adding stories to LinkedIn might make it cooler, but it might lose its uniqueness in the process. The “fun” should be left at the party venues like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. When we get to the office, it should be a serious business. There might be a problem when we try to mix fun and work. LinkedIn is the office in this scenario.

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