Lady Gaga shoots Stupid Love video on iPhone

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Do you own a Smartphone? The answer is most likely YES. That little mobile gadget on your hand is more powerful than you probably think. Popular American Singer Lady has shown just how sophisticated a Smartphone can be by using it to film her latest music video for the song Stupid Love.

Lady Gaga and her team shot the video using an iPhone 11 Pro. Talking about it, the video director Askill said that a world where making videos with the most sophisticated camera is the standard, and shooting with a mobile phone is not a normal thing to do. However, doing that comes with a lot of freedom to explore new grounds. The filmmaker has the opportunity to try out new things.

Askill revealed that although they used a Steadicam, they also made use of some iPhones in capturing different shots. The flexibility of the phone was helpful in getting shots that would have been a lot difficult using standard video cameras.

Lady Gaga is known for her energetic performances

People on set were intrigued by the initiative, seeing how the phones were used seamlessly during filming. Askill is optimistic that creating room for Smartphones in filmmaking will make the job better. All footage of the video was shot on 4k. They placed a single camera at 24fps, and there was another camera placed below the principal camera.

Lady Gaga is not the only Singer who has shot a video with an iPhone. Singing sensation Selena Gomez also made use of an iPhone in shooting the video for her song Lose You To Love Me. The video was shot by popular director Sophie Muller.

Filmmaker and director Steven Soderbergh has shot not only one movie but two with the use of an iPhone – High Flying Bird and Unsane. According to him, making movies using the iPhone is a thing for the future and it is refreshing.

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