Apple CEO Tim Cook laments on COVID-19 setback, expresses optimism of victory

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Businesses around the world are not having the best of time at the moment, no thanks to the Coronavirus that is causing major panic in the globe. One business that is really feeling the heat is tech big-shot Apple.

Apple as a company has one of its biggest markets in China. With the outbreak, the company’s supply chain has been dealt a heavy blow, leaving it in a terrible condition until the situation gets better.

Despite the hard times for the company, Apple CEO Tim Cook is undefeated. Speaking in a FOX Business interview, Cook is optimistic that China is on top of the situation, and will contain the virus. He expressed that casualties of the Coronavirus are beginning to decrease, an indication that the country is putting up a good fight against it. As this continues to happen, the Business Executive believes that it is only a matter of time before the usual business terrain in the country is restored.

Cook said that, in the beginning of the outbreak, production workers and suppliers were not working due to concerns of the virus. But now, they are back to work, and production has started increasing. Apple Suppliers in the Asian country are in the third phase of going back to normal business operations.

The outbreak referred to as COVID-19 emerged towards the end of 2019, and is spreading, without a cure in sight. As government officials, health workers and scientists intensify efforts to contain the virus which many people fear might become a pandemic, the normalcy we all seek might happen soon.

Apple is a US-based company that specializes in the production of computer software and consumer electronics. The multinational is among the top four (4) technology companies in the world – a category it shares with the likes of Amazon, Facebook and Google.

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