TikTok influencers in Nigeria and other parts of the world can earn $1 million per post

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Social media influencer marketing has become a money-money machine in recent times. While platforms like Instagram and YouTube have dominated the scene for years, there is a new entrant that is making waves, taking the world by storm. Make way for TikTok.

The Chinese video app TikTok is gradually changing the narrative of social influencer marketing, creating unlimited opportunities for people who are creative enough to excel on the platform. Influencers in Nigeria and other parts of the world stand the chance of making as much as to $1 million for each post on TikTok. Sounds incredible, right? But it is a fact, and it is very doable.

According to a research conducted by a UK-based institution Morning Consult, TikTok influencers have the capacity to charge brands as much as $1 million for a single post. It claims that, at the moment, some TikTok influencers are already making as much as $200,000 dollars from brands for promoting a single post. The company predicts that, at the rate the social media app is growing, some of its influencers will be commanding $1 million per post come next year.

Right now, TikTok’s biggest influencer is 17-year-old Loren Grey. According to reports, the Singer earns $200,000 for a single post on TikTok. She currently boasts of more than 38 million followers on her page. Brands recognize that this number is a huge audience to market their products, and they are engaging her services.

Grey is very active on TikTok, making posts on a daily basis. As of now, she has accrued likes amounting to more than 2 billion in total. She has established herself as one of the most sought-after TikTok influencers, having worked with big brands like Capital Records and Virgin Records.

TikTok is yet to gain ground in Nigeria. If you are keen on becoming a social media influencer, this is the perfect time to start your career on the platform. You get to grow a large following before it comes saturated.

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